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[Chat (WP)] My strategy for arena

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Posted on 11/25/16 8:37:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


The heroes which i use in arena are landslide, wonton, great sage, djinni, toxic shaman.
>(Evolution Levels/Equipments/Hero Aids/Skill Levels) of heroes used:
1.Landslide: virgo/+1purple dragon heart/(Enchantress, Berserker, Pangoli)/17
2.wonton: sagittarius/+1 purple thunder blade/(pangoli,skull mage,sapphirix)/20
3.great sage: sagittarius/+0 blue holy hammer/(pangoli,abyss demon,arctic lord)/20
4.djinni: sagittarius/+0 purple arcane tome/(chiron,ambrosia,berserker)/18
5.toxic shaman: virgo/+0 purple demonic axe/(pangoli,blockhead,enchantress)/18

With these heroes i always reach deity without using gems.
 Strategy: When all enemy heroes are close i straightaway use great sage divine followed by landslide and  great sage skill. Then i use toxic shaman divine so that almost all heroes get affected by his divine. Then i use djinni divine to remove the effect of pangoli aids on two lowest hp heroes. When great sage divine is about to end i use wonton divine which is followed by djinni skill. By this time atleast 2 enemy heroes with the lowest hp are dead and they start fighting from my side due to toxic shaman divine. Then i use landslide divine which again gives me at least 1 of his tanks. Now the remaining 1-2 heroes are easy to kill with so many heroes on my side.

Thank You
Let me know about your opinions
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Posted on 1/21/17 11:30:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

hey guys im rank 1.77 k in arena as a level 47(no joke) i also use djini and wonton
the rest r hydrasaur bullhead and berserker. the only equipment is a level 40 thunder blade on my berserker.all my heros r level 100. any tips 4 me? and im about to get toxic shaman so NMgemini is ur shaman good?thx for any tips