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[Chat (WP)] my strategy in lords league

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Posted on 11/25/16 3:35:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I use this strategy in lords league
Landslide, Berserker, Pan, Chiron
Bullhead,  Berserker, Skull Mage, Pan
Abyss Demon, Berserker, Blockhead, Pan
Ambrosia, Enchantress, Blockhead, Pan
Renee Ven, Enchantress, Berserker, Pan
    First I look for a landslide on defense then place my landslide in front of him or other strong hero if landslide is not on defense. After I place landslide I save up 2 rage, when I have rage I use landslide skill (20/25) pull all enemy hero's to him then place the rest of my hero's on other side of base. After I dropped my last hero I will use abyss skill (20/25), then bullhead skill (21/25), by this time my landslide is almost dead now I use ambrosia divine (Pisces) too give him more hp, then when ambrosia divine is over I use Renee divine (Pisces) too get back my ambrosia divine back, now I use abyss, bullhead, landslide, and ambrosia skills/divines (all Pisces) too stay alive and finish off base.

Let me know what u think.
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