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[Chat (WP)] Guide for getting Decent Score Opponents in Arena [ Strategy Guide Event ]

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Posted on 11/23/16 1:22:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Arena points of both regular five matches and fod are dependant on current exp difference of you and your opponent.

You need around 17k per day, which is easily achievable as fod 6k points and 5 attacks each of minimum 2.2k points.

Regular 5 daily matches
A important trick for regular matches is that if you're within rank 100 you can get anyone from rank 1-100 by resetting. However if you fall below rank 100 you can't find the current player with max exp no matter how many times you reset. (Its a bracketing system throughout)

The idea is to keep checking the arena ranking chart before attacking. First check to see if you are in between rank  85-99. If ur above 99 play till u get there, if below wait some time before attacking.

Once u are around that rank search the guy with maximum exp difference from you. Anything around 13k difference will give you around 2.4-2.5k matches. Once you play that, wait sometime till u again get someone with at least 13k points more than you.

Then comes fod, which is the most important match. Since fod cannot be reset, we need it to have big points.
Fod is set right when u open the arena hall after the days reset.

The trick is to check your arena ranking before opening the arena hall. You can do this by going through the ll rankings. The best time to open arena hall is when your rank is between 120-140. This will give you at least a 6k+ fod everyday...n playing that at first will get you into top 100 which streamlines the way for regular matches.

Its all in the timing. Comment ur own observation if and when u try them. Happy clashing!!

P.S. This strategy works best in servers with lower number of players where staying in top 100 is possible for the average player.

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thanks for the tips. i never buy any arena chances and get easily to deity but i never lose lol
dont see any point in arena statue for me