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[Chat (WP)] How you feeling with TS?

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Posted on 7/10/16 1:14:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I just got a TS and spend 30k rings on him and get minimum rage.
But to my surprise; his skill cloud is too small to be effective. And no where near to a team healer. I actually want to replace abyss with him. But now I cannt.
So i replaced him with Chiron. Still didn't get any positive result. My Chiron is also at Scorpio only.
Rest of my team is LS; WT; Abyss; Chiron and rv.
Is it good to pit ts in team and move away?

Further to add; cloud failed to heal in Br where all troops are very close to each other.

Posted on 7/10/16 7:09:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wow, good that i read this, i really want this shaman for a long time. Doesn't his divine work very well? What is your shaman skill lvl and evo, and what is your abyss skill lvl and evo, you are comparing them on the same level, right?

Posted on 7/10/16 7:16:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Heard somewhere that his cloud size is  slightly larger than ambrosia's bomb.

Hey, mmeeoo, how do u think about this shaman?  Your thorough analysis is needed here :D

Posted on 7/10/16 8:30:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have  ts at high evo and skill, i use him in almost every mode and that cloud is so beneficial in offense and defense, destroys any heals made by enemies in cloud by 85%, reduces atk rate by 60%which well counter abyss and any dmg coming in fast, also the 25%boost in crit rate is quite a boost if you have a few or more heroes in the cloud, the red crit numbers  will pop up much more. also because ts stats are great when you boost his atk enough it jus adds more pain given in the 10sec of cloud,i have mine dealing 160k dmg plus over 300k(30k per second) per target in 10s plus all the debuff. Ts also has lots of range so he can sit back and avoid stuns at times and taking any heat, but he will also go off and atk base while heros are still alive so you have to time his skill good or you will waste 2 rage pretty fast on the base . one more thing is the cloud will not heal heros unltil there is enough mercs outside (iv noticed more then 2 full sets of mercs and you won`t get hero heals)of it so it can be hard to get any heals at starts of matches, In any modes without mercs, you will always get heals when heros in cloud.but i find i can time it and when used with another healer like amb or abyss he works best, not to rely on but add heals. And because the active skill length is as long as cooldown in modes like trials and colisuem he works so good because you can consistently keep the cloud over battling heros to add pain to theres and heal for cloud size itself, i think if they made it any bigger he would be too op, his divine is also amazing, im sure you guys have seen it in action by now, the posoining canot be dispelled by ench so when timed right it can add alot of dmg and zombies. i recommend atk , hp, and ench aids on him, cuz he sits in the back he will get his skill locked constantly by gs so having ench aid for counter will help keep the skill goin throughout battle

Posted on 7/10/16 9:46:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have skill 18. And no divine. It still at very low lvl.

No comment on divine but it looks good.

I am very disappointed about his skill. It is useless in LL and Br. I cannt replace abyss. Later I shall takeout Chiron. There are slot of things which reduce attack rate etc
2 rage is too high to spend to get such a small cloud. You anyway need 2nd healer in team. For abyss user; we have to wait for something in future.

Posted on 7/11/16 8:48:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

TS is probably the best hero for pvp battles. 

His 2 rage skill ability is a little too detrimental for general use tho. If you spam toxic shaman, you'll be ignoring other heroes skills. It's not very effective unless you're using him in very specific attack scenarios.

Arcane caster is better overrall in all game modes than TS.