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[Chat (WP)] Hey igg, do we have to find all the hackers for u ??

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Posted on 6/27/16 10:18:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

A thought.... For everyone who screams HACKERS!!!.... correct me if I'm wrong,  but isn't COL2 a server side game?  If so,  its unlikely hackers as they aren't modding game files on their end that are offline.  Example,  you purchase gems... They aren't generated on your device,  you have to wait for server to send all clear signal.  Same reason clash of clans has no legitimate hacks anymore as they are detected very very quickly and your whole account is toasted.  Keep in mind,  I'm talking about HACKS... not Mods.  So either their is no mechanism for detection of abnormalities outside of manual identification (which can't be see my post: IGG customer service went too far lol),  people are aiding and abetting/turning a blind eye,  or there is knowledge about this and it only gets removed if publicly discovered.  Personally,  not too worried as COL2 players are voracious scouting for hackers and cheats... Nobody is lasting long if they scam

I like your LOOT and I cannot lieeeeee....You other Clashers can't deny....
Posted on 7/29/16 7:33:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lolz, that guy had awesome heros for his base, and i am here getting Blitz Bomber and Air Elite in 10x hire from the birthday update by COL2. Did u guys ban me as well from getting good heroes in hire or what please let me know if u guys banned me as well. I am a dedicated player. :D

Posted on 7/29/16 11:09:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I can't even count the number of Blitz Bombers I got from 10XHire, but fairly recently hit another Landslide, an Arcane Caster, and most recently Chiron. (shrug)
     I don't remember having many if any direct conversations with Carrotie, but he was removed from the guild after his ban was verified. It would have happened without it eventually anyway.

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