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[Chat (WP)] GS or WT?

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In team of 5 heroes for LL; i have divine3 of LS and Ren. A very good abyss.
Other 2 heroes are DS and chiron. I am thinking of replacing Chiron with TS.
Now my question is which will be better to replace DS.

I have divine1 of many heroes including ambro; gs; enchant. And fort1 of WT.

Main consideration is LL. But valuable suggestions of other modes will be appreciated.

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Forget to mention; i have multiple copies of WT.

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It may be that in the long term you use both GS and WT without LS in some modes.  I have seen shared attack playbacks from one of the bigger guys in my guild successfully use a line up that includes WT/GS/AD/AM and another that I forget (but I know it wasn't LS) for both GC and LL.  His trophy count is around 4.5k

Obviously that doesn't help you for now but figured it worthy of mention for any long term planning you might be doing.

I don't have a WT that I feel is useable yet (my focus is elsewhere atm) so my thoughts should be taken with that in mind but FWIW I suspect that GS will help you in more modes eg:

ED: Fortitude gives GS great survivability for ED, the extra rage and multiple hero lock from skill and divine doesn't hurt either.
Arena: Again, the extra rage and multiple hero lock from skill and divine are useful.  Divine helps clear out mercs.
BR: Essential for locking Chiron, GS and WT etc on later stages of BR to enable your guys can get damage on Chiron, prevent being locked themselves or (on IR) get damage in before WT wipes you out (depending on the strategy you use).  If you use WT yourself I hear you end up pushing your target back and end up drawing aggro from the other heroes.

As stated I've not actually used WT.  I can see he is a pain to attack in LL/GC but I don't know what active situations he is better than GS in.  Hopefully someone else can fill you in on those to give you a more balanced view.

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