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[Chat (WP)] CoL2 version (WP) crashing issues.

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Posted on 11/23/15 4:18:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

With the recent update, i'm having difficulties in enjoying this amazing game.

My device is Lumia 625 with 512 MB RAM.
Before updating to version (WP) , the game is running fine in my phone with low graphic setting and only minimum force closes occur --which is not a big problem for me--.
After updating to version (WP) my phone force closes every time i want to attack enemy base, guild clash, hero arena, el dorado and even campaign clash, which leaving me with only few activities, that is auto -raid, auto-clear, upgrading buildings and chatting with my guildmates.
My progress in the game has been limited since the latest update.

Possible causes for this force closing is probably the chat feature.
Before version (WP), i noticed that the chat history is not loaded when we are not opening chat section in the game. Chat history is loaded when player open the chat section. After opening chat section and having all the chat history loaded, player would most likely be experiencing force closes every time they attack.
Chat section in version (WP) is different. When the game is fully loaded and the loading screen has been disappeared, the chat history is loaded immediately without player opening chat section at the first place thus making force closes inevitable in almost all activities.

I have contacted live support the day I recieved game update and explaining my situation which seemed not clear enough for them.
I hope in the near future CoL2 developer team could see into this issue and fix it fast.

I strongly request CoL2 developer so that they would release CoL2 for windows store version (windows store and windows phone store is different), not the one that we play using bluestack or other android emulator but the windows and tablet version of CoL2 which enable windows desktop or windows tablet user to play CoL2 in the same server as CoL2 in WP.

That is all the ideas i want to convey.
Sorry for the long reading, and here is savage-chief-look-alike-potato that i've searched in google for you.

CoL2 WP ID: 269880113
Posted on 11/23/15 9:34:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah the new update has made it impossible for me to play the game on my WP account too. It has nothing to do with the chat, its how much RAM your phone has. Mine has 520MB so its pretty much useless, so unless IGG decide to release an update that allows us to greatly tone down graphics, you wont be able to stop the crashes.

Luckily for me I also have an android that runs smoothly. :)