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[Chat (WP)] lanslide or ambrosia divine

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Posted on 11/17/15 12:19:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Correct way of using landslide divine is timing it so it at least removes 2 pan goli aids at once so you can kill the enemy tanks before they get to use their divine (example: pounder).
Time it so the pan goli enemy doesn't kick your landslide away from the enemy team as you activate the divine and it goes to waste.

Posted on 11/17/15 5:18:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have neither Leo and missing LS completely but Virgo for LS looks to be a fine way to go as his 40% +  (forgot) HP is highest in the game and with a Sagittarius Chiron looks like a killer base defense.

Ambrosia heal and AoE with her ability to make those around her stronger are no joke either and there's a reason she is the lone hero that requires a level 10 WS ( mine is 9).

My AD is 145 16/20 Libra and needs some help sometimes and usually the last standing in arena with Ambrosias help to clear Mercs and buff w heal.
Yes I saw she was nerfed but only after I got her, (go figure) but she is still strong even with her high rage and easy to get shards for with LGW. More so leo is on the way to Libra etc.. Also consider that ADs Leo is weak as hell but doesn't mean he is in any way.

I never had an issue going against either LS or Ambrosia in the Arena as my AD usually out does both but only with Ambrosias help and until I get my remaining GS shards and replace my SAP which is just fodder out front to take dmg w his Leo
Now Ambrosia w a SM+ divine is wicked in Arena and I avoid.

LS is talked about highly but since update ox warriors just got that much tougher and Pounder still viable for mid level players at least if upgraded properly even though LS Virgo is OP

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Posted on 11/17/15 5:57:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ambrosia is a convenience in most part of game,
LS is a game changer in arena
If you don't need help in arena then go with ambrosia, but if you aren't already getting your 5k rings in arena then go with landslide.
You might have to practice against a strong FoTD to get your timing down, but LS devine removes the PG aid Invulnerability for 6 seconds.  Have a PG blast or Sage go off and arena fight get a whole lot shorter.

Here's what I do (usually 15 seconds is all I need, give or take)
Start with sage devine (free rage and 6 second lockout)
Cast Abyss, chiron, pan goli, LS
Chiron devine
LS devine
Sage skill, abyss devine, pg devine (all in the 6 second window)
Occasionally you will have a SM or Artic that survives, but it's 5 on 1 at that point

Posted on 11/17/15 9:02:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ambro skill brings down ad healing by a lot and sometimes that presents a problem against tough bases. Landslide feels like a better support to ad den ambro as he pulls off aggro and abyss can heal back everyone to full hp. i have lvl 10 aw and get double dust almost every single time, shards aren't a problem. So guess i will go for ls virgo first. Den have to decide which hero to get first to scorpio.

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Posted on 11/18/15 2:12:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have Amb divine and I love it for raiding. It's slightly useful in GC but I mainly use her there for her skill. Also I don't trigger her divine until I have an Allied Winds spell dropped on her (does a bit more dmg).
I'm currently working on LS divine and will get his shards in the next LGW to speed things along. Currently at 1 glory, lvl 17 skill and Gemini. I'll need 860 more shards for his divine (want to push him to Virgo though).

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Posted on 11/21/15 12:07:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

got ls and ambro from frst two hires today, 500 ls shards and 500 muta from lgw. There was another spend to win event, got 10 coral and 600 muta from there....need 40 muta for ls divine, hopefully by tommorow. All in all, one of the best lgw.

Its not like pokemon....You dont have to catch them all...!
ign: kvothe
guild: Valhalla Elites(rank 2)
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