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[Chat (WP)] which suitable among new epics....

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Posted on 9/24/15 6:14:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys. I am a window player.

I have a good team for now. Which is
Pndr; chiron; abyss;pyro all of them are at skill lvl 16-17 amd lvl 140-160.. Exept thosei also use ren blitz or hydro depends on situation.

Problem is that whemever i go to fpr raidimg in bases havimg new epic it jist dont work for me.

so i am thinkimg of including a new epic in my team. I already have a GS at lvl 125 cancer evolve with skil 8. But i dont feel good about him.  While i am prity much affected by Ambro.
so my question is which ome would be best for me among Ls gs or ambro.

I wont spemd money on game and only buy monthly oacks few times. Sowhich ever i would chose will last for in my team and will remain in every game mode.
Pls suggest me.

Posted on 9/24/15 6:52:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would say that AM or LS are better than GS if you are considering them from a non-devine angle.  As you have a decent pounder who can do a sort of similar tank job as LS (but if you got LS in a roll you could swap him in for Pounder even at 120 if you get the skill up fairly high) then I'd say AM is probably your best bet. 

At high levels her skill is awesome.  It heals your team and boosts the damage of your whole team for 5 seconds and only has a 3 second cool down time meaning you should get overlapping (and I assume this results in a stacking effect) damage boosts during the initial phase of GC when you are making use of your Chariots devine. 

If you did think you would try to get one to devine, and if you save gems to spend at LGW this should be possible in the long term, I'd say the GS might be your best bet especially as you have him already.  His devine had the biggest impact on my game play.  AM's is handy and LS's really helps finish off those with Pans aid but the 5 seconds of immunity plus the skill/devine lock for 6 seconds makes GS's pretty awesome even only at Leo (which is as far as I've got him) it really helps wipe out opposition mercs in arena to.  That said GS can still do a job with out devine but you may find you have other heroes that suit your team better.

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Posted on 9/25/15 12:11:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So GS is best whem it comes to divine + skill. Otjerwise ambro is with her skill.

Thanks for comment. I guess i will go with GS for now. As i have one with cancer evolve already.

Posted on 9/25/15 9:27:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

No problem!  I think he is, based on no one else has anything similar to his devine and skill and you having a head start on him already.

There are other healers, AD, GP, Hydra, even if it's only AD who can match up to her really, and Saph can do a sort of similar job to her devine (map wide dmg wise if not the heal to everyone).

Pounder can take damage almost as well as LS.  When considering LS devine, Pounders skill stuns and in combo with Djinn you could have a similarish effect of Pan aid negation. Can't think of a match to LS skill mind you. 

With GS, I don't see anyone having a similar skill/devine with possible exception of AL (ie does damage to multiple targets and give invunerability for a period) but thats a tenuous exception as you don't have any skill lock or bits added to rage with AL.

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