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[Chat (WP)] Who should be my top 5?

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Posted on 8/4/15 5:28:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So these are my available heroes. Tomorrow ill be able to buy a 10x heroes and hopefully get a better epic. My current 5 are sapphirix, blitz bomber, exokid, head hunter and dark knight (I think that's his name). Is that a good top 5? Or should i change my 5?

Posted on 8/5/15 2:17:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not having much luck with the 10x hero things. Bought 2 in 1 day and got carol d'belle and 7 epics in both...

Posted on 8/5/15 3:09:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, sorry if ya were ignored for a day.

Your still pretty low level and hopefully you will get some good Epics, a free Pan Goli is guaranteed just by doing the 28 day sign in and he's a real nice one to have.

From what I see there is a sharpshooters build in the making.
Pyro Petes skill carries over to all ss in battle, so the mercenaries of Renee Ven, and Blitz Bomber will be using PP's skill. You are missing a part of a good SS build thats Chiron. He's not to hard to get and one of the best heroes in the game.

Now thats not your top 5 but something you should consider when choosing a top 5.

You need 2 melee players and 3 ranged in most cases.

Dark Rider and Exokid are probably your best bet but Hercules is an option for your melee or tank type.

Sap does a lot of damage and very effective for new players in the Arena and GC and raids and LL. As time passes his rage cost is too high to make him effective as he used to but his high HP and damage done are always a plus.
Renee Ven with PP or BB until you get a Chiron

When you get your PG I would work on him as well, his skill kicks some butt, and you can phase Sap out of your top 5

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Posted on 8/6/15 5:49:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I was afraid you'd say I have to swap out sap in the future, but if it needs to be done it will be done. I'll do your setup, dark rider and exo kid are really powerful so ill keep them as my 5. Here's an updated version of my heroes just in case:
Sap's skill costs 3 rage as I have it at level 9, its really effective at taking out bases and mercenaries. I'll carry on upgrading the other heroes of mine as I feel I've put too much into sap.