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[Chat (WP)] Need help to choose new hero

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Posted on 6/28/15 11:31:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I wan't to swap my Blizz B with a new hero.
Should I choose Great Sage or Abyss Demon?

Here is my setup..

Mr. Jan W Madsen
Posted on 6/29/15 3:30:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

id swap hydra for abyss demon and BB for great sage!

even though your levels are high, the two swap outs even at 130 would be noticiable if you got their skills up

Posted on 6/29/15 6:21:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i think it depends on what game; arena, br, ll, ll def, GC, CC you are going to build your team for. both are awesome heroes, but both take a higher skill level to be truly effective. do you have shards and glory heroes to get either to divine quickly? Do you already reach deity in Arena, can you clear CC with 4 or 5 heroes and run lvl1's to farm exp? no need to waste rings and mutagen on a hero that doesn't benefit you team make up. Also, you might want to hold off to see if the "el Dorado" game from forging block changes any of the game dynamics when it is finally opened.

Abyss for: LL, BR

Great Sage for: Arena, LL def, CC, better Aid skill

GC is super dependent on what type of base you are facing. if you are going against a weak base with strong heroes i would pick great sage, if you are against a strong base with weaker heroes i would pick Abyss. you have hydrasour at 190 so i am guessing you have at least the divine and i dont know of two many people running double heroes in GC.