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[Chat(iOS)] Best glyths for heroes

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Posted on 1/16/18 2:50:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi there all...anyone has whatsthe best glyths for heroes? I cant find anything around net so its good to share thoughts and opinions over here.. thx in advance

Posted on 1/16/18 3:37:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hysteria increases attack rate.  Good for many but especially good for Abyss.  I think Calamitous Blood which decreases attackers damage and attack rate would be great on Abyss or a tank.  Heavy swings is good for Abyss and others that rely on their base attack.

Heroic might is great since it increases all hero damage!

Life drinker is great for fast attacking heroes especially, like Amber.  But, all heroes could use some self-healing.

I like Heroic Vitality for more hit points for all heroes.  Extra life buys time and helps your healers keep things up.

Heroic strength for more attack is good for all heroes.

Obstinated and Misdirection are great especially for tanks that make the most of their dodge.

Lots of folks like the crit ones, keen eye, crushing blows and heroic guile.  

Just a few ideas, fwiw.

Posted on 1/18/18 9:16:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The glyph system gives you tons of options on customizing your heros and is by far the most interesting and fun part of the game in my opinion.

Looking at the top 200 lords league players heros is always a good place to start. That goes for glyph placement as well as aids, talents, ect. While you can only see heros on their defense, its still serves as a good reference for many.

One good thing about glyphs is they aren't as permanent as most other things in the game. You can always remove it if one isn't working out. Or if you decide to go in a completely different direction, just consume the glyph that wasn't working out with another you want to try to instantly gain the same exp.

To answer your question, for the most part use glyphs that will compliment and maximize the effectiveness of the particular skills of the hero. For example, if the amount of leeched hp from Arcane Casters skill is based on her own atk, use heroic strength glyph to increase her atk and therefore increasing leeched hp. On the otherhand, you can also choose to improve on a heros weakness with gylphs. For example, Rene Ven is only good if she can survive long enough to get off both her divine and skill. So use glyphs that increase dodge and dmg red to keep her in play for as long as possible.