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[Chat(iOS)] Appreciation-Thread for TheW83

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Posted on 11/29/16 11:54:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just wanted to make a post in appreciation of TheW83 as moderator.
In my opinion you are doing a fantastic job. Your know how of the Game is impressive and your posts and interactions in this forum are excellent. You are always friendly and helpful to people even if they have negativ things to say, and thats a sign of a superb Moderator.

Why do i post this? Do i want to suck up to TheW83? Hell no!
Lately i had a few arguments with the moderator of the german CoL2 Forum. And the problem with him is, he is the rank 2 player of the german Android Version of CoL2 and he makes the users feel it. Whenever someone makes a Thread or Post das critisies IGG his answer basicly is "Thats not how i feel about the Game, so you are wrong" or "I have a different opinion than you, so you are wrong." and to top it of lately whenever a thread comes of that the englisch versions get a lot more events and goodies (we get quite a few of them in the german forum, thats why i wrote mine here a few weeks ago) he answers like an arrogant child with "If you think the englisch Version is better, go play it!"... Like it is so easy to switch, i gonna leave behind all the people i have met, the countless hours and the money i have spend on this game just like that, yeah right.
And now that i have confronted him, that his way of talking to people is arrogant and he provides zero constructive arguments or solutions when someone has criticism, he just blocks my posts.

And thats the point where i knew i am done with the german Forum (if you read the threads, you'll see i am far from the first one to leave the german forum behind because of the moderation there) and how lucky the englisch forum is to have such an competent Moderator like The W83. 

Sorry for the long rant, yeah i needed to let of some steam but mostly i just wanted to thank TheW83 for the great job he is doing.

So ... Tank you TheW83! You are doing an excellent job and i hope you'll keep doing it for a long time. ;)

sincerely Kubaja

Posted on 11/29/16 2:01:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well said matey. I think we all appreciate the qualities TheW83 brings to the forum, sorry to hear about yr experience on the German forum. Stick around here instead :)

Posted on 11/29/16 3:49:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Two massive thumbs up in agreement from me! Well said

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Posted on 11/29/16 10:32:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sorry to hear that, Kubaja!

But you are awesome, though, for putting this thread up. I've always been appreciative of W83 and wheelie and the other awesome guys here. When I read your post I felt that this forum was a lot more 'real' as compared to yours. I hope things get better for you---- keep clashing!

Posted on 11/30/16 6:19:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the kudos! I always try to help others the best I can. I think because I didn't spend a load on the game I can understand the views of f2p players are others that are struggling in certain aspects of the game. Because I'm not spending a lot of money to blindly increase in strength I have spent a lot of time figuring out what may work best in a given game mode. This way I know my efforts are being used correctly. The only time they tend to go to waste is when a new hero is released that greatly counters what I was going for.

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