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[Chat(iOS)] Full fevor

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Posted on 11/1/16 11:56:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi i just reached 1000 fevor and want to know if i should optimize my 9main heros or work on others

I got:
LS 3x nimble moves
AD - Blessed weapons BAttle fever,  downwinds
Great sage 2x charms, BF
Amb - charm, downwind, killing intent
WT - charm, killing intent, battle fever
AC - 2x downwind, blessed weapons
Chiron - charm, downwind, blessed wespons
Ench - killing intent, charm, blessed weapon
TS - 2x battle fevor, downwind

Shall i optimize one of them like WT, TS or Amb. or should i start with my renee ven, and what would be the best talent for her?

Posted on 11/3/16 7:19:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You could go with your favorite hero and get that hero a nice perfect talent. Who do you use in most, if not all, game modes? There is also another thread (or two) here about how the times have changed and thus talents are no longer a one-way street. Used to be crazy about Charm Curtain and many have spent just to get those perfect ones, but with Tyrants brand running amok this doesn't do much if you are up against a foe with a high TB. :( so hopefully others will reply here :)

Posted on 11/3/16 10:20:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The hero i focus the most is my Abyss, and im thinking of putting a second Blessed weapon instead of battle fever. But i also want to push my Shaman, and in some threads they said, blessed weapons work on shamans skill too.