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[Chat(iOS)] Arena points

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Posted on 10/22/16 3:45:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys,

somebody could help me understand how the point offers works in the Arena?

Just saw an Android arena: the FotD offers 13.200 points, the first opponent usually was around 4300-4400 for a lvl80 player. The FotD was easy even with lvl140 heroes.

My Ios game offers me 5500 points for the FotD, and 2000-2200 points for the first opponent, at player lvl74. The FotD heroes are lvl180-192, Won Ton, Arcane Caster, Ambrosia, Great Sage, Pan Goli, so a quiet decent team, can't win against them with my lvl165 heroes.

My question is: so wtf?!?! Both ios an Android server need 240k for deity, but Android player get double points for the win? Or the 6 player level difference means that much?


Posted on 10/22/16 5:08:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It depends on how far behind you are. If you skip attacks 2-3 days or lose a lot of attacks, you get more points from FOTD and normal attacks.