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[Chat(iOS)] 25 x 10x hiring

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Posted on 5/20/16 4:34:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys,

yesterday i got a blessing: 10 epic hero on the 25th 10 x hiring. I thought share my epic results, maybe other will do the same, and maybe we can get some pattern, or at least a % of the heroes. Maybe other find useful this list, what to expect if they'll get this blessing.

1. Dark Rider
2. Blockhead
3. Pan Goli
4. Blockhead
5. Air Elite, Coral Egg, Gold Egg
6. Won Ton, Hydrasaur
7. Skullmage
8. Blitz Bomber
9. Sapphirix, Gold Egg
10. Golden Egg, Hydrasaur
11. Blitz Bomber
12. Sapphirix
13. Chiron
14. Glory Priestess
15. Blitz Bomber
16. Hydrasaur
17. Blitz Bomber
18. Pan Goli, Glory Egg!!!
19. Hydrasaur, Gold Egg
20. Blockhead, Arctic Lord
21. Skullmage, Gold Egg, Glory Egg!!!
22. Renee Ven, Gold Egg
23. 2 x Gold Egg, Blitz Bomber
24. Pounder
25. Savage Chief, Great Sage, 2 x Glory Priestess, Pounder, 2 x Air Elite, Arctic Lord, Abyss Demon, Blitz Bomber

Posted on 5/20/16 7:39:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wow! You went through 25 hires. Impressive! I think that's the worth value epic hire blessing I've seen. I have gotten the 10 epics on 15th hire a few times.

So here's my rating of your 36k gems spent
The great: Won Ton, 2x Glory eggs
The good: 2x SFX, Chiron, 2x AL, AD
Not Bad: 2x PG, RV

All in all I'd say it was OK but not great. If you didn't have WonTon before now you have one with potentially 2 glory. That's pretty good at least. :)
Honestly though I would have saved for LGW. You could have gotten 1k WT shards, 1k Amb shards, and 1k GS shards... or any other great combination of prizes.

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Posted on 5/20/16 11:55:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only
UN + like THE COL2!!! Now SU + CK game)))