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Posted on 4/30/16 10:21:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys!

I want to know what should be my main 5th equipment, now i have purple blade on AD, purple heart on LS, purple tome on AMB, blue +1 on Chiron, and a green +3 blade on my GS

They are all 160 with libra,

Should i keep on the blade or focus on a HolyHammer or the Axe?

Posted on 4/30/16 2:16:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have exact same team as you.  All my main 5 equipment level is +1 purple.  Blade on AD and heart on LS is no brainer. However due to slow atk rate of GS blade does not work very well on him. I have given him heart . my amb has arcane tome and  chiron has the bow which keeps him alive longer and also double the range of his mercenaries. Bow works well on amb also especially on defense. Bow pushes the enemies away and also slows them down. So amb can kill enemies due to her increased range while enemies get hard time in catching her. However bow sucks in some modes such as BR. you should invest in bow if you don't have them.  Currently I'm working on hammer. Its at +1 blue so I don't use it much but It would work great on your damage dealers. I tested it few times in br on my chiron where I can't use the bow. I liked it very much. It gives you extra damage to stunned targets. So it will be amazing on wonton. Not working on axe yet so can't say anything about it.