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[Chat(iOS)] Need advice

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Posted on 4/26/16 8:29:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Everyone,

I just started the game this month, and need some help with my heroes. Already spent some money on it, combined some special offers and Lords gone wild, hiring 10x, etc, so basically I have all epic heroes, except Carol d' Belle. I could buy her with rings, but atm I think I can live without her.

My current main team: Enchantress, Landslide, Great Sage, Ambrosia, Pan Goli, Won Ton, Sapphirix (Resoure Raids mainly), Renee Ven.

Because all of them under lvl100, I can easily level up any other hero if needed, most of them around lvl30-50. Just want to start the evolution for main heroes, but need some advice: which heroes should have priority? I plan for long term, so for example if Enchantress is better at lvl150-200 than others, I gonna start evolve her, even if she weaker at lowers lvls.

My other question is which lineups are the "bests" for different game modes?
Reading forum posts, it seems to me that OP heroes are:

- Arena: Won Ton, Enchantress, Chiron, Great Sage
- HT: Berzerker
- LL,RR: Sapphirix, Demon Slayer
- Boss fight: ?
- Guild clash: never played, ?
- El Dorado

Last question:
There's some hero seems strong to me, should I invest into them?

- Arcane Caster, Djinni, Abyss Demon, Arctic Lord

Thanks for any help or advice!

Posted on 4/26/16 9:01:23 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Don't worry; it is not necessary to have all of the heroes. Having the ones that do well is, but sometimes the hero strength individually can be subjectively rated compared to when working as a team of 5 heroes, etc. *rambling*

For Battle Royale, if you'll ever decide to spend or invest for getting good scores here, you can go with:

One Option: Abyss Demon, Skull Mage, Ambrosia, Pan Goli, Glory Priestess
Another Option: Abyss Demon, Chiron, Pyro Pete, Renee Ven, Blitz Bomber

GP and BB are very low priority, though. If you haven't noticed, both options are geared towards either Wizards or Sharpshooters as the build's theme. This is just the tip of the iceberg. For a load of detail and info you'll want to visit Battle Royale 101 for more. I assume you intend on being a smart player, so do read on it and check the forum for myriad posts on the subject.

For Arena, there are many, many, many builds you can use. Here is a very common one that for the current iteration/version of the game works.

One Option: Landslide, Great Sage, Chiron, Ambrosia, Enchantress

GS to lock skills, LS to timely disable buffs like PG's immunity for hero kills, CH for dealing a lot of DMG, AM for DMG and healing, and then ET for increase in chances of survivability and some DMG. This kind of build aims to finish the battle quickly. It comes down to timing every now and then and can be really crucial to easily getting to Deity. There are many other builds, but currently this is one of the common ones. When everyone has Won Ton things will change up again.

Sometimes, the Arena builds can also be used in LL and GC. 

Also, the game changes in terms of hero function balance/imbalance. When IGG detects a pattern, MAYBE it will work on a counter release to keep changing it up and keeping the builds dynamic. Although many builds can remain the same and still function well, this is something to keep in mind. New Heroes will continuously be introduced, and existing skills or talents may change as well. For a player intending on planning strategy to be an effective spender, this is something that should be kept in mind, and I think that's what you might be doing (I could definitely be wrong, won't be the first time) so it's good you're checking into the game modes. However, it might cost a lot to be really good at every game mode, so maybe you'll want to first focus on what's constant: ARENA. While GC and BR prizes/chests can be very interesting at times and you may get more from ranking, it's all random. Arena has a preset prize list that you can count on. :D

Posted on 4/26/16 2:24:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you very much, what you said is very close to what I observed and thought!
I'll focus on Arena! :) What is the minimum hero level with the mentioned team, to reach Deity? With my under lvl100 team I find a lot of lvl140-190 teams... For deity you need 240k exp during 14 days, so 17.000 exp/day. I guess without winning against FotD can't managable...

Posted on 4/26/16 10:03:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You need to at least have the first divines for at least some of your heroes before you will be able to reach Diety, which means you need to be either L50, or unlock a fountain blessing which lowers the evolution requirement.

I personally have reached Diety with PG, Amb, Pdr, DS, Chr in the past, with only Pdr, PG and DS divines.  However that took alot of patience resetting and required buying at least 2 extra chances per day (the old system, which required more jewel purchases).

Currently I use AD, Chr, Amb, LS, GS with all divines, and reach Diety very easily.  
LS -> skill  (reduce & reflects damage)
GS -> divine (lock all heroes for 5 sec)
AD -> skill (heal my heroes)
Chiron -> skill & divine (buff ss, create 5 buffed clones)
GS -> skill (lock heroes with dangerous skills/divines such as Amb/EN/RV)
AD -> divine (soften the enemy)
LS -> divine (remove immortality, stun and pretty much destroy most of the heroes)
Amb -> skill / divine (wipe up any remaining enemy heroes)
Game over before the enemy can do anything.

You still need to buy some jewels even if you can beat all you FOTD.  I usually buy 1 chance per day after the first week.

Since you have all the epics, I would say focus on GS, Amb, WT  and maybe LS and EN first for Arena.
Here are my thoughts on the newer heroes:
GS: use only if you have his divine.  It gives you 3 extra rage and is a total game changer.  His skill at L18 also locks 2 heroes, which makes him super op.

LS: negates PG aid immortality status.  To me LS divine is really invaluable, since it kills your enemy heroes before they can do any further damage to you or pull their divines.  But alot of people are starting to phase LS out from their lineups.

Amb: Divine is not absolutely necessary, skill is more important. Divine is useful if you have an AD on your team since it levels out the damage your main tank is taking and allows AD to heal them all nicely back to 100%.  Good for pretty much every game mode.

EN: Very useful and powerful in Arena, since her skill increases Attack and revives heroes.  Her divine is also very op. If I face her in Arena, my top priority is to lock her skill so that she does not revive the opponent's LS or GS, which would be disastrous.  But she's flying so if enemy land heroes might run under her if she's the only one left.  I personally only use her as aid on my LS and on base defense, where she's one of the best defensive heroes.

WT: Personally have not had a problem facing him in arena, but he can wipe out all your mercs in one shot.  Also locks one of your heroes.  Combined with GS it means only 2 of your heroes are left unlocked.  Seems like he's a hero that's good for every game mode, including defense, so I would suggest you upgrade him. Unfortunately, I don't have him.

Posted on 4/27/16 2:00:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Welcome to the game and good luck with your heroes.

Arena is a good source of rings and souls, but I suggest you also put some thought into beating the daily campaign. It can be a good daily source of stuff to level up your team, and it's actually possible to get through it quite early.

You can find lots of tips if you search old threads on this forum, but here are a few highlights:

 * You can refill rage by "attacking" without heroes. It won't cost you anything.
 * For the first levels you can put your base in front. Opponents will attack the base and leave your heroes.
 * Get something to clear mercenaries. Demon Slayer is great for this, but there are many other possibilities.
 * You need something to make your heroes last. It can be a healer like Abyss Demon or Ambrosia, or it can be Renee Ven for resurrection. Even Hercules or Dark Rider with their shields can work.

Pounder (with Leo) is particularly good for the campaign since he kills mercenaries AND refills his hitpoints with his divine skill. A lot will tell you he's outdated (I don't agree), but even so he can still be a great steppingstone, since he's one of the cheapest heroes to evolve.

Posted on 4/27/16 8:27:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey antimatter0 and Rubra!

Thanks for your kind help guys!

antimatter0: It's funny, you mentioned exactly those 5 heroes, who's in my Arena team. :) I've read in the forum, that LS's divine is not really important, but according what you said it's useful.

Rubra: I'm lucky, because I can go through daily campaign every day. I have 9 heroes at almost the same level, so it's not that hard. Maybe later (against opponents with divine) will be harder, but now the last opponents are around at lvl110-115. With my lvl95 heroes it's not that hard to win. :) The advice about refilling the rage is great, I'll try it asap!