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[Chat(iOS)] Equal chances

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Posted on 4/26/16 2:12:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My personal opinion, I feel that it's unfair that when you hire heroes 10x to get a epic hero that some of the epic hereos are easier to get then others. I feel that all 25 soon to be 26 hereos should all have equal chances to be obtained

Further more I love you give stuff out but please stop giving me djinni shards since the release you've given me 11,900 thank you but I prefer dark rider or atm one of the harder to obtain epic hereos

If you spend your money on the game like I do not much but I do so far 200+ i expect to recieve what I'm buying i pay for gems gems pay for epic hereos but I feel it's unfair it's harder to get some then others

Posted on 4/26/16 8:38:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

if you don't receive the items you buy in the shop or from whatever event you've purchased jewels to participate in, please immediately contact live support.