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[Chat(iOS)] New Hero Idea~ Feedback welcome

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Posted on 3/22/16 3:57:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I got this inspiration from Clash Royale's card the "Elixir Pump".

Hero Name: ?¿?¿
Hero Theme: I would guess some sort of firey wizard type
Mercenaries: Wizard

Hero Ability: Ability Enhancer~ the next ability used does X amount more damage, X amount more healing, X amount bigger stat increases, etc. you get the idea.

Divine: Rage Enhancer~ level 1 would increase production of rage, level 2 would increase it even more, level 3 even more.

Aid Ability: Cooldown Cooldown~ decreases the Cooldown time for a heros ability. This wouldn't be a huge buff or it may make the game off balanced, but 5-6 level aid ability worth half a second each would be okay, maybe?

Feedback welcome and encouraged!

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