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[Chat(iOS)] Growth pack 1 and line up question

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Posted on 3/8/16 9:15:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have two questions.

What is the growth pack 1 that they are offering for 3000 gem trade and is it worth it?

My current team is Pounder, Arctic Lord, Abyss Demon, Ambrosia and Pan Goli.  On some modes I swap out Arctic Lord and Demon Slayer.  I know with all the great new heroes out there I'm going to catch some flak for my lineup but I like my team and the way that it plays, the only one that I'm interested in swapping out are Arctic Lord/Demon Slayer I'm not really happy with their performance I'm just wondering who I should put in their place I have all the heroes although they're not fully evolved yet. With my lineup being Pounder, Abyss Demon, Pan Goli and Ambrosia  Who should I put him as my fifth?

Posted on 3/11/16 2:02:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I got the growth pack thing taken care of, does anybody have any assistance on my lineup? Any help would be grateful.