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[Chat(iOS)] Who should i keep upgrading

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Posted on 2/20/16 7:01:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have aktually on my team
LS 130 glory 1
AD 130 glory 2
GS 115 glory 1
PG 105
RV 105 glory 1 and 2 RV in reserve
Pounder 100 glory 2
Chiron 95 glory 1
And 3 glory eggs

Now i got Amb and enchant from packets

Who should i take on my team for the future, i guess take in amb, and use enchant as an aid, coz it would  be too expensive evolve her.

And the second range? RV, PG, Chiron whats the best  cost/benefit devines?

Thanks for suggestions

Posted on 2/20/16 9:10:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

AD and LS will be monstrous if they are evolved up to very high level, like libra or higher.

LS devine is effective but it has some drawbacks ....if i were u i would take the below lineup;

"Chiron  - PG  - Ambrosia - GS - AD"

this lineup will be pretty good.

but u need to evolve them very well.

Enchantress will do pretty good in lineup but since u have Ambrosia and Chiron on the route to devine u should keep her as aid.

if u want attack strategy ;

IMP: You need to have all 5 above said heroes devine and skill at Level 15 atleast.

"First go with PG Skill, then when opponent's heroes are near go for gs devine, then go for chiron skill and then chiron devine, after that hit gs skill for the backup case, then Ambrosia and AD for healing process."

This is my thinking.... :)

Posted on 2/20/16 10:55:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ambrosia to Leo  or Libra along with ls and gs.

Posted on 2/20/16 12:14:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

same as above.. GS leo-->libra, LS leo-->virago, amb leo--> libra
leo is the least, virago/libra is the best until u ar ehigh enough to go further