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[Chat(iOS)] Berserker Bashing... Just try the hero yourself

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Posted on 1/19/16 11:02:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have read quite a few posts here about how awful berserker is....

In reality I think he is quite useful for resource raids, hero trials (even though they are largely useless) and pretty much anything.

His skill is great at destroying walls in raids, as well as targeting the highest HP hero while making defense almost impossible. He hits mediocre AoE damage but the stun, HP and defense reduction make it a hero that can be used quite successfully.

When I got my 4th berserker I created a berserker with 2 glory and evo'd him to Leo. His divine makes trials easy as it gives him 8 guards that act as mercenaries. 

I will say though, I would not recommend him for aid or base defense, in both those areas he is quite weak. 

Best advice, do not use him until you have him with glory (>1) and at least skill level 14 (uses 1.5 rage). After that enjoy him in raids as he can solo most noob bases in under 40 seconds.

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Posted on 1/19/16 9:13:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I fought Berserker plenty of times and he never poses a challenge. His skill is pretty good and his Divine is decent. But not good enough to replace the heroes on any of my line up.

Whenever I get him(I won't since I refuse to pay anymore), I will further experiment with him.

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Posted on 1/20/16 7:19:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Isolating BZ while he is defending a base makes him totally easy to beat. AD VS BZ (one on one) renders BZ useless even if he fires his divine. The walking dead soldiers are gone by the time Thunder Blade procs. *sad*

When attacking, he can be a little okay, but my feelings for BZ are the same as DJ ~ there might be a need to build a team that puts him at the center of the style. I think minimum req for a more enjoyable play is with virgo (?) -- could be wrong but he has to be tank-y. :P