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[Guild] Join SPARTA ONE

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Posted on 4/4/17 6:55:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

SPARTA ONE - recruiting active players!!!
~Lv5 Guild
~(18-19) Battle Royale stage every week
~Stays in top 400 BR rankings
~WeGamers for guild's group chat
~Highly active guild that helps new players to learn and grow
Minimum 1000 trophies required to join
Must contribute at least 250 in guild chariot/bot weekly
Comment below for further information

SPARTA ONE - Guild Clash Requirements!!

Base Defense
Victory Statues are the #1 priority. 3 lv16 COMPLETED.
AM, Bot and Bastion centered.

Hero Defense
  Evolved To LEO
  Equipment BLUE
  Heroes must be aided with a minimum of 3 PG's , BK, skill 5.  
  AM and or AD equipped with BKH, SM,  PG.
FRI  1PM ST - 250 JEWL applied for BUFFS
SAT 1AM ST -Begin battes!!

Please wait for all members to contribute Jewls for buffs!

Must be logged into WeGamers for notifications.

Good luck!!

Posted on 4/5/17 7:48:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Still looking for active players... Only a few spots left!!!