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[Guild] BrothersUnited is recruiting!

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Posted on 3/30/17 9:53:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

United Chaos has turned into BrothersUnited. We recently did a merge with them, and we've become a lot stronger. Although that merge has occurred, we're still looking for stronger players! We have 2 guilds now, BrothersUnited and BrothersUnited2.

To join BrothersUnited you NEED at least 1 enlightened hero(any level) and the rest of your heroes must be Libra. You must also have 3,000 trophies, and the communication app known as "LINE" is preferred. NOT a requirement however.

To be in BrothersUnited2, you NEED at least all leo heroes. You must have at least 2,000 trophies, and LINE is preferred but not required.

We hope you guys will consider joining, we're only getting stronger and now is the absolute best time to join!

Thanks for your time :-)