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[Guild] Armageddon Is recruiting!

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Posted on 12/9/16 2:07:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey Guys I am back for a second recruiting Thread for the guild Armageddon! We are still in need of members constantly and we need some strong, experienced players to help out with the newer members and keep people informed. We hope you guys join and I will see you, in the Gaming Zone. Seeya!

Name: Armageddon
Level: 4
Trophies Required: 600
Donation Weekly: Unnecessary

1) Be active for 2 Days after Joining or Discharge is inevitable
2) After Active for the first 2 days: Inactive for more than 4 days is Discharge; If you give us fair warning and reason for inactivity, limit may be temporarily increased, if kicked and had fair reason but unable to tell us rejoin and tell us the reason.
3) Bullying/Retaliation is an Immediate Ban from the guild to all members/elders doing these things.
4) No asking for Elder Or there will be a warning and a block from elder first time, and a Temporary Ban from the guild for 2 times, any more will result in permanent ban.
5) No trying to split members from the guild, anyone trying this will be banned from the guild
6) If leader is inactive for more than a week, specified Elders ONLY may take up leadership until they return; if an elder taking up leadership becomes inactive as well, another elder will take up leadership and demote that elder to member.
7) Lying/False information is frowned upon but not necessarily disallowed, excessive amounts for unneeded reasons will be taken action upon.
8) No Spamming or Immediate Discharge.
9) No joining Guild Clash without a direct allowance from an Experienced Elder; those who were allowed to and missed battles must donate 200 gems to chariot or bot EACH missed battle, Failure to comply will result in an immediate Discharge.
10) Elders will not be allowed to kick anyone without proper defiance of these rules being exhibited.

See you in the Gaming Zone!
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