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[Guild] Level 85 player looking for a guild

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Posted on 10/4/16 9:47:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, I'm looking for a guild, android version,  I have 5 Scorpio heroes, I'm very active, also it will be better if the guild use a communication app

Posted on 10/4/16 6:56:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It will be a pleasure to recruit you, our name guild is : The Simpsons
We don't use an app chat but we are active on guild chat and some elder communicate with our leader with insta or messenger..
If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or on col2, my name is malek

Posted on 10/5/16 5:39:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Join Superheroes rank 50-60.we are part of top Superheroes.we use link to comunicate.
All players donate min 250 to gc,and 200 points weekly to bot or chariot(gold also good,cos i Check monthly donations)

Posted on 10/5/16 6:10:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

We're accepting new members in ClashersUnited2
We use Line to communicate. 200 morale per week minimum donation, must do guild boss and join quests.

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