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[Guild] Diablos Army: Looking for strong players with Skype to be elders!

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Posted on 9/5/16 7:51:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys, DiabloCraft here with an announcement for my new YouTube guild:
Diablos Army is in need of Elders and announcers! Both jobs require Skype so do not ask for elder or announcer without it! Also we are always welcoming new members! In ordet to get Elder you must first Battle me in training grounds and do at least 40% damage, then I will attack you with heroes of mine... Depending on how strong you are will affect the number of heroes and which ones I use. But before you do that add me on Skype so we may talk about jobs needing done and stuff IF you get Elder. For announcer it is so much easier, but less beneficial. I currently have a phone that barely lets me speak and I can not do battles. The announcer job is basically me messaging an announcer group over Skype and one (or multiple) of them will announce it in guild chat. All you have to do to get it is literally add me on Skype and tell me you want to be an announcer. (I know that's lame. LOL) I also do a purge every Saturday when I wake up of the guild members/elders who do not meet the trophy requisite of the week. The announcers will put the weekly minimal trophy requirement in guild chat as often as needed. Everyday I also kick members and elders AFK for more than 8 days without messaging me before hand if something is gonna happen. If they come back they can always rejoin I won't stop them though there is a needs approval thing I will need to change. Well that ends it for this Topic, feel free to reply to this and talk to me, I check this everytime I can/need. Seeya guys in the Gaming Zone!

See you in the Gaming Zone!
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