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[Guild] Lords League dropping trophies

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Posted on 9/3/16 5:45:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

you should find a way to encourage people to win trophies and to keep the best heroes in defence. It is boring attacking empty bases and seeing people gifting u trophies just because they try to play with weaker players to get mutagen or get a fair matchmaking in gc.

Posted on 9/4/16 5:12:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Fair matchmaking in gc depends 0% on current trophy count. It's a myth. Me and other folks have tested this. I tested it through getting a level 45 alt in a guildclash with just 5 people of level 50. Guess what. We got matched against 4 level 70's and a level 100 stronghold.

Idk what to add to make sure that LL will be rewarding again, except that they should really review giving hourly souls, as the top 50k people will only get more than 20/hour and there are more than 100k playing

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Posted on 9/4/16 6:35:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It is my understanding that people drop trophies and leave what is called a ghost base so they can do more revenges for mutagen. Dropping trophies manually means easier players will target them in LL and make revenges easier. There is no limit to revenges except for how much gold you have. It also seems that mutagen is rewarded more frequently in revenges as compared to standard LL attacks.

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