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[Guild] Guild Clash Matchmaking

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Posted on 9/3/16 5:37:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is by far the biggest problem the game has now. Is there a plan to fix it?
If other players have any say regarding the issue please leave a comment

Posted on 9/4/16 6:24:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First and foremost keep in mind that every guild does not have several equal all around strength guilds to match it.
Besides actual game based strength factors there are others like player skill and motivation. If you are against a stronger guild of unmotivated players you will likely win. But being against a weaker guild of motivated and skilled players might be a defeat.

From my experience since the Bullhead update guild matches seem at least in part based on how well your guild did in the previous weeks' matchups. We generally go from favorable to unfavorable matchups. We will have a few 1st places and then a rough 4th and then back to 1st and then to 3rd the week after.  Upgrades among your members, changing of members, and total member skill will all have a significant effect on how well you do.  If everyone always tries their hardest you should still see some oscillation in your matches from easier to more difficult week to week.

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Posted on 9/8/16 4:53:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Clash matchmaking is the biggest issue in this game.  Every week, two opposing guilds aren't even close in player level or hero strength.  Last week I compared my team's player levels vs. the team who came in second.  20% difference.  Heroes weren't close either, most of my team were an evolution or two below the other guilds counterpart.  Even if the opposing guild is unmotivated, it won't matter when they have huge level advantages all around.

Prior weeks placement has no effect as my team consistently comes in 3rd-4th for the past 6 months.  My team has 90% participation rate in attacks so that isn't it either.  We simply get 50k against us every week by two guilds.  No reason those guilds should be in the same guild clash.

I am thinking that IGG matches guilds based on money spent.  F2p majority guilds get used as fodder for p2p guilds hence close matches between two top guilds, close matches between the bottom two, but easy 50k scores for the top 2 guilds vs the bottom two.  As my guild gained a few paying members, we started consistently getting 3rd and once 2nd as opposed to the usual 4th.

Any one else have any on guild clash matchmaking?

Posted on 9/9/16 1:54:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ah, this ol'chestnut cropping up again? (Ping! Pop corns ready! Settles into sofa and waits for the teeth nashing / entertainment to commence)

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