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[Guild] SleepingDead looking for new members!

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Posted on 7/30/16 11:13:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Active guild. Quest completion is anout 80-90% donate 300k to bot and chariot daily prefer 200 each if you buy month pack. Leo evo team and up. Must be active in battle royale daily. We are stuck on devils lair 13 dungeon. Lvl 4 guild usually rank 350 in progression ranks. Guild clash not doing so hot at the moment as we have been pulling guilds with lvl 150s piscies across the board. Anyways we are a pretty strong guild just trying to get that extra man power we need. Message me in game for more details or pm me here in game name is same as forum name. Thank you :)

Im not a female -_-