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[Guild] ClashersUnited2 & 3 have slots open!

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Posted on 6/20/16 7:41:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just last week a split occurred with ClashersUnited2 with the lower third of the guild breaking off to form ClashersUnited3. Now both guilds have plenty of room open for dedicated players looking for a place to advance.

The CU family uses the Line app (Line:Free Calls & Messaging) to communicate important guild notices and generate a friendly atmosphere. Use of the Line app is required to be a member of any CU guild.

ClashersUnited2 requirements & expectations
At very least 3 defending heroes at Scorpio+, the remaining at Libra. Full scorpio+ preferred.
5 Victory Statues all at lvl 17+
At least 2k power
Donating 400 gems per week to chariot or bot.

At least 2 defending heroes at Leo+
Donate 200 gems per week to chariot or bot.

If you're interested in joining you can apply directly but be prepared to join Line app. All new members have 24 hours to contact on Line or they will be removed.
Message me by my Line ID: TheW83

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Posted on 6/20/16 9:49:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

On ClashersUnited3 how far you can go on BR and whats is the usually rank in GB?