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[Guild] Looking for a whale or two

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Posted on 4/25/16 12:02:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I realize this is unlikely seeing as how the players I would want are most likely in top guilds but I'm looking for a few whales with 190 heroes and bases between 130 and 150 to round out a very good guild currently in the top 200 of Battle Royale Ranks and 260 of guild ranks. We tried a merge recently and couldn't hang with top 200 guild rank players. We had about 15 2nd ring players and no real first ring or center. We re-structured and kept many of the new players we brought in from the merge and a few of the best players joined top guilds which has made us OP for Guild Clash with around 22 members. Looking to make the jump to some tougher competitoin but it would be impossible without the right players in center and first ring? Anyone interested hit me up here and we will go from there.