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[Guild] Skull Faces is recruiting!

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Posted on 4/14/16 10:34:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

                                             We are looking for new heavy hitters!

 Feel you can hit hard in Guild Clash and Battle Royale? 
 Are you active in your guild chat and like to donate even minimal amounts to your guild bot + Chariot?

 Currently floating around the 150-160 ranks. We are formally a top 5 guild! After loosing some of our top players due to inactivity. We want you! 

If you have the potential, we have the tools. With our 123 Chariot and 151 bot. We can easily grow back to the top in no time.

You MUST participate in all aspects and pay attention to chat specially during GC!

If you can do those simple things, come look us up and join! (My ID is 314681792)