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[Guild] looking for a guild

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Posted on 4/1/16 8:41:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear friends,
    M looking for a guild... I got 600 trophies, I keep them low to get high mutagens from lords league.... I need a guild which wins all GC, have high BR lvl and high guild chariot and bot.... M also on line app for communication..... If u want, I can push my trophies to 1500+.... I'll donate good amount of jewels also.... Write your guild names and requirements below... M new player so that lvl is 9 and base lvl 32 only :/

Posted on 4/1/16 11:45:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello. I am an elder in a guild that is rank around 300 in the ios clash of lords 2. we have a total of 25k trophies with only 34-35 players. we have lvl 88 guild chariot that is almost lvl 89. before guild clash our chariot skills are all lvl 9. guild bot lvl 40 if u dont mind. we are around rank 200+ in battle royal. We are the New York Boys. english speaking guild.
our requirements: at least 1.6k+ trohpies.
but our guild is looking for lvl 65 plus players
maybe if u push ur trophies alot higher 
our guild leader might accept