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[Guild] Android: ClashersUnited2 is looking for You!

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Posted on 3/23/16 7:46:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone! We are looking to fill our ranks with some great players and all around good people.
We have a pretty solid family going now in ClashersUnited2 (CU2). Of course we are an official sub-guild of Clashers United (CU) who is regularly in the Top 10.

To be a part of CU2 you must use the LINE app. We use this to communicate effectively and get to know each other. 

We are currently ranked 69 and can almost complete Shadow Citadel in BR. We have an established GC strategy that everyone adheres to.
Our rules are fairly simple:
200 gems per week into bot or chariot
250 gems into GC morale per week

Everyone who is in CU2 has the opportunity to directly advance into CU once they meet certain requirements. 

We are not accepting any members under level 50 but exceptions can be made for those with great potential. You should also have all defending heroes at Leo evolve or above.

If you're interested in joining CU2 please send me a message on the Line app. My ID is TheW83.
I look forward to having you aboard. :)

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