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[Guild] Recruiting! Ranked in top 200! "brotherhood"

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Posted on 2/5/16 3:32:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello players!

"brotherhood" is recruiting players.  Currently ranked 164 with only 35 members! Looking for strong, active players to help build up the guild (after recently cleaning a few inactives).  

-IOS Platform!
-Over 1300 trophies
-Use all attacks in wars (failing to do so will get you booted unless you tell us ahead of time). 
-Simply have fun
-Prefer members active in chat (not not necessary) 
-Just be active!

Simply apply or reach out on here ahead of time so I know you are interested :) Thanks and happy clashing!

Posted on 2/7/16 1:44:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey would love to join! Name is hearzus ig is 262462325 I'm very active player whose looking for a guild

Posted on 2/11/16 7:03:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Still looking in case anyone is interested!

Posted on 2/14/16 6:39:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Very interested in joining. Very active 10/10 every day on bots and always doing 100 raids a day at least to get caught up. I'd is 289218763. Add me to talk more