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[Guide] Game Mechanics Guide

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Posted on 10/3/16 3:36:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You have some of the best info ive found for this game.

You got a LINE account? I'd enjoy talking about a few interactions that I cant test myself. ID odd to be "skrude" on there. Cant find how to msg on these forums.

Either way, keep info coming.

Posted on 10/29/16 6:24:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wheelie, thank you for putting the time and effort into all of this. The community owes you.

Something that I've noticed and would like your input on in regard to ATK rate... For sake of simplicity we will use Skull Mage.

Amnesty d3 - 50% ATK rate
Skill lvl 20 - 60% ATK rate

Now from what you have posted, a blockhead aid would be irrelevant as long as both skills were active (110%). However there is a MAJOR difference when you add/remove blockhead. Nearly double the speed.

My thinking is that active skills modify the actual animation rather than the cooldown. While talents, enchantments, and aides modify the cooldown as you have stated.

This is the easiest to test with skull Mage, however another example is pyro Pete. I have a 160, skill 16 Pete. Now if I activate his skill he actually has no attacking animation. He literally doesn't move at all but still hits.

Also something to consider that another forumer brought up, hydras d3 adds 150% to ATK rate. Which would be over the 100% cap. I'm going to get my guild buddy to run some tests for me, as I don't have a hydra, and will let you know how they go as I am able to do so.

Posted on 11/10/16 11:57:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My wonton have 20% DMG RED from enchant and 75% DMG RED from active skill ( if no hero or clone were hit ) and 13% from equipment, but the DMG RED cap is 99% so, it max DMG is 99%  (if triggered 3 over there) not 100% ? is it right ?

Posted on 11/17/16 9:35:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


I've question:

ex.1: Base ATK = 10000, %ATK increases = 30%, % increase DMG = 50%, ATK increases (3 Talent) = 24%

ex.2: Base ATK = 10000, %ATK increases = 30%, %increase DMG = 50%, %DMG increases (3 Talent) = 24%

final DMG = ATK(1+D) ==>> D(1) > D(2) or D(1) < D(2) ??

A(1) = 10000 x (1+0.3+0.24) = 15400
D(1) = 15400 x (1+0.5) = 23100

A(2) = 10000 x (1+0.3) = 13000
D(2) = 13000 x (1+0.5+0.24) = 22620

==> Talent ATK increases best more Talent DMG increases ??

Posted on 10/20/17 5:54:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

this was one of the all time great threads and i was seeing if anyone has updated it for enlightenment and glyphs. i am also having trouble matching what the displayed hero atk to that of which i am calculating. can anyone think of any additional atk% of flat atk modifiers other than the ones listed below. My calc keeps coming up lower than the shown atk on the screen.

Base Atk:
Passive Talents:
Aid Bonus:

Yea Games