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[Guide] Updated FAQ

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I'm playing on col2 china ver. How to change language to english! Plese!

Việt nam!
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how can I get a giveaway secret code?

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282396410 this is my code

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This looks like it still requires some tinkering here and there, for instance, 3x hire is 450 jewels, 10x hire isn't included in the forum while 1x hire isn't in the game anymore.

The apprentice turns against his master
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Resert heroes is what we asking for

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Question for this explaination:
"Q: How does the match system work in the guild clash?
Please kindly note that the two factors which determine the matches of guilds are the number of signed up members from guild and overall guild strength. Meanwhile, overall guild strength is measured by 1. total trophy amount of the guild; 2. TOP 5 heroes of every guild member's. Guilds would be matched up for Guild Clash if they share similar number of signed up members and overall strength. Please rest assured that we have been taking more parts into consideration to provide players with more balanced matches for Guild Clash. "

My question is when guild trophy determined for guild clash for overal guild strength? When guild clash ended and begin to registration of next guild clash? Or when guild clash registration finished? And, why did my guild get far stronger enemies (more evolved enemies on average, heroes level, base level)? Could u make guild clash more balance match? Thx.

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How do I report fear me or beer me for harassment he just won't stop messaging me about bs I wasn't talk to him in the fist place nor do I care of his opinion he need mind his own business when sumone said I'm not talk to you to leave them alone now he has removed many of comment and post and continue to message me about rules and acts like a new MOD gives him power to duck with people bcoz I hurt his feelings truth hurt

I'll pimp your momma
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I cant loged on in game, always not connected server... i use blackberry platform... please help me, igg id : iceCube