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[Guide] Guild Clash Guide (Low Level Guilds)

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Posted on 4/12/15 6:46:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nikhil’s Guide for Guild Clash (Low level guilds) 




Guide: Beforehand look of Guild clash - Hi there, Guild clash. The ultimate place to battle and place from where you can reap rich rewards. Guild clash matches are based on the number of participants and numerous other factors as well. The most powerful weapon is the chariot. Guild chariot acts as the sixth hero it is basically a catapult. The power of guild chariot is the brawny Devine skill of chariot which provides 15 second of lingering remains use of hero skills. It is wise to have a combination of low rage or no cooldown heroes which will deal extra damage to the opponent. If you don’t have heroes which require low rage stick to your normal formation chances rather than going for a low level (low skill) hero chances are your skilled up heroes would deal adequate damage. Using hero combination like glory priestess + Blitz Bomber would be reasonable for low level players. Using appropriate aid for heroes would significantly help in GC. In guild clash every player has a devoted buff which increases the amount HP of buildings it is more difficult to take down an opponent unlike the normal matches here situation is different. (While making a guild always look at the fact of liveliness of your players don’t make a team of players who would not even participate, Always have Active players in your guild)      

Formation – Leader and elders can edit the formation, Try using new formations. While GC is going never forget to look at your own defending status (This can be done by clicking the ‘view’ icon on the left hand side. This will give you the layout of how the opponents are attacking you. Peek at their attack pattern and try new formations, chances are that you’ll lose less points, if you know their attack pattern. 


Guild clash Day – Players should not rush to attack until you reach 3 or 4 level of morale. Morale 
increased the rate of attack by (x)% it gives advantage to your guild. If your guild is trailing don’t worry you could catch later as a single match has 24 hours. It is a good idea to intelligently allot players to specific opponent. Never do the mistake of attacking a lower opponent if you’re a high level player. Chances are that you’ll take the opponent down easily but you’ll not get that high points and your low level fellow member would end up wasting his chance on a tough opponent. Always attack opponent of your caliber and leave easy ones for your low level members. (A good way of communicating for Guild clash is having a group made for your guild on the LINK app by IGG)

Hero Combinations – Never fear to test new combinations in Guild clash, there is no set of perfect heroes that will guarantee victory. Try new heroes with matching Hero Aids.

Attacking – As every player has 3 chances (you cannot buy chances here like arena) You should focus on taking down a single opponent rather than attacking to multiple, as every base has buff (More than usual HP)(buff is increased as you dig in deep to attack other opponents) So it is a good idea to attack a single opponent. Spare easy opponents for your fellow low level members. Rewards are calculated accordingly to your guild ranking in the whole Guild clash. 

Reward Time! Who doesn’t love rewards? The rewards are calculated by a specific method. Chest Players may claim = Base of number of prizes x participation points x Ranking bonus. So Go and Clash! : )

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Here's a hint.  Top players in guild try to take out center and 2nd ring.  Taking those out gives the boosts to toppling the rest.

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Posted on 4/14/15 11:31:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah  high level players prime focus is getting the centre base as it debuffs the allies.

Posted on 4/14/15 3:48:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

thank you for sharing on link :) you know are entered for 1st place prize good luck :)

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