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[Guide] Battle Royale [Team Guide]

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question: Pyro Pete - his skill added attack  to base attack or final attack sharpshooter?

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And one little question : which base attack speed sharpshooter and wizards?:angel:

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Nice guide fear.
First 10 bosses are ok. And we are able to do damage of 20-30M but suddenly our damage reduecs to 2-5M in quantum beach. Would you like to give me some kind of strategy here so that I can do more damge there.
I am using all ss team but no specific aid. Have pndr with blood cap2 or abyss wth lvl 16 skill as tank.
Pls help me.

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I have posted this strategy before and people have had mixed success because it depends a lot on timing and having a pounder at bc1 or bc2.  If you have bc3 the strategy won't work.  So for you this should be great.

Your team is going to be:  Pounder (need BC1 or BC2), Abyss, Renee, Chiron, Pyro Pete


Pounder & Skull Mage Boss:  These two are the first to be killed. There is no particular order for this.  Easiest way is to drop whole army either near them or near the outside corners.  They will aggro and you are just going to range them down.  For this you don't need Pounder and can sub in any other tank.  If you have a Landslide or Dark Rider with and evolution then they both work well.

Pan Goli Boss:  Once the Boss Pounder and Boss Skull Mage are dead you need to drop ONLY Pounder as closer to the corner in the blue circle below.  The cannon is the closest target for him so he will try to break out of the wall.  The oxmen will pull Goli and Chiron but they will get killed off and both bosses will reset so no worries.  Once Pounder is about to break the wall use his Evolution skill.  This is to recover health and blow up surrounding structures.  The closest one now will be the magic tower.  Use his regular skill and leap to there.  He will follow the blue path.  Drop Abyss in orange circle after using Pounders regular skill.  Abyss will clear outside while Pounder clears inside.  Goli will get pull but Pounder will ignore him.  Abyss will break through the wall and that is when you drop the rest of your sharpshooter army in green circle.  Pounder will follow blue path and eventually pull chiron and die.  If it looks like Abyss might pull Chiron then revive Pounder with Renee to take the abuse.  Would be helpful to use Arctic Lord Aid on Pounder if you plan on reviving him.

Reaper Boss:  Use the exact same strategy with Goli except this time drop Chiron, Renee, and Pyro Pete once Pounder clears the top blue corner so they will go after Reaper boss instead of following Pounder around blue path.

Chiron Boss:  This boss is just a matter of having a good tank.  Unlike later Chiron Bosses his damage is fairly weak.  I have been able to tank him with a Hercules and Abyss Demon without either dying.  While Pounder would work here he is going to kite Chiron around the map so use another tank like Dark Rider or Landslide.  You will likely not get more then 30-50 million here because when clones pop up there seems to be an issue with hero AI targeting them if they get attacked.  Drop your entire army at once in blue circle.  Some sharpshooters will spawn against outside wall and clear outer structures will your heroes clear inner structures and fight chiron.

Hope this helps.

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hi all i need help with battle royal and guild clash would u help out? plz join powerful foes

hi all i'm looking for active members 2 help with battle royal and guild clash please will you help
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I add a reference to the strategy with wizards.
70-90M damage in any mission.

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