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[Guide] Guide "Best Base?"

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IGN: Woofy
Version: 1.0.161 Android

Guide: Best Base?

Have you ever wondered why people come in storming your base? Do you want to know how to prevent this from happening?
Then read this guide and follow steps 1-5 carefully.
1) Remeber in Clash of lords 2 Your town hall counts as one golden star and still counts like a victory in "Rank" Mode therefor you would lose trophies. Make sure To always keep the town hall in the middle of all your defences.
2) Always use your strongest defences all the way in the middle so they dont get destroyed quickly, This goes as follows, First Victory statues, Then your "Ermah Gaurd", Finally your Sniper Towers. If you have some open spaces Fill them up with your cannons and magic towers. If you have the pounder's Envolved into Gemini the Mortars well also deal quite alot of damage (Including the 3rd shot being a stunt For a couple of secounds.)
3) Your heroes will play a huge part in this aswell, If you have Heroes such as, "Pangoli" Make sure to use him wisely and never put him outside the base....If you need to move some defences then go ahead but never but a heroes hall outside.
4) Make sure you study your Attack reports and see how you can Improve because even the slightest Unproctected entry can cause a 3 Gold star attack.
5) Make sure you Keep your walls at a decent level "Even if it takes a while to level them up" Otherwise They will use special like Pounder's and literally Destroy all of your walls in a split secound)"Leaps and lands on a random spot, Deals  Damage to multiple units, and inflicts stunt to Heroes and structures.
I hope My guide helps you improve your base and Have a wonderfull day :P and sorry could'nt figure out how to upload images so I put links :P

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