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[Guide] Raiding guide (how to get gold quickly)

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IGN: wonjami
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So gold is the one and only thing you need to upgrade the buildings in your base, so it's pretty important. Many people complain about how long it takes to get gold because they have to wait for their heros to be revived. Well I'm here to tell you one of the fastest ways to get gold quickly without waiting around.

Step 1: Finding a base

Find a base that has at least 50,000 gold. Anything under this and you're just wasting your time. Make sure that the base has the gold mines near the outside of the base. An example base has been included below.

Step 2: Hero placement

Place your heros near the gold mines so that they will go and attack them first.
PRO TIP: putting your hero/s in a corner that's far from the base will give some extra time for rage to build up :)

Step 3: When to surrender

The time to surrender is when:
A) you have taken all the gold that you can which is easily accessible

Or B)
One or more of your heros are about to die

By surrendering before any of your heros die you will be able to raid again straight after the one you just did. This eliminates any down time between raids and maximizes profit.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3

Now that you know how to get dat money, go get it!

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