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.                secondary hero..
  always try to keep one or Two secondary heroes.. Players think air unites are not so good.. But you will   need them sometimes in solo campaign if you don't have pan goli..
Air Alite is best air unite you can keep.. Keeping secondary hero will help you in resources raid also.. Because when your heros die in resources raid, you have to wait untill they revive.. So if you have secondary heroes, you can use them without wasting your time..

that air alite is my secondary hero.. Some times I use him in arena.. When my foe's are stronger then me..  You can keep some more strong heroes, and use them when your oppnents are stronger then you..
This was my idea to save time... I hope you will like it. :)

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THANKS for information :)

UN + like THE COL2!!! Now SU + CK game)))
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Aha vůbec si nevim rady...

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Not a good guide. Air elite is not good. Sapphirix is 10x better than air elite. You should have more than 1 or 2 secondary heroes because different heroes are good for different things. Take guild clash for example. The guild chariots divine gives instant skills. I would never use blitz bomberbbut in guild clash she is excellent along with sapphirix because their skill cooldown is low. You can fire many skills of theirs.

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