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IGG Name : vivix
IGG ID : 172601779

first of all it depends on your Lord's level

-IF u have Lords with low lvl (under 50) u have to search a guild that are not much strong for become stronger and do the best Dmg to take the best rewards.. that help u to get stronger lords and higher level cuz u can do more dungeon.

- with high lvl Lords  (at least 2 of them higher lvl 70 and other not low 60) u can go in a better guild that can kill the bosses faster and u have to try to get the best Dmg but here, in a better guild, it become more difficult because your mates are strong like u or more ..
beside, try to get ur lords also with high lvl skills (like 5-6 at least .. but also 4 is good if it make ur skill with less cool down) cause more lvl they are less colldown they have. better if is a boost skill for the troop with largest number in ur Lord's army

(for example is good if u have Chiron and some other Lord/lords with archer cause Chiron bost all the archer)
Here the Chiron's boost to all the archer or him and BlizBomber
here Bliz Bomber and Chiron with the boost of Chron to all the archers

1)u have to choose really good the point for start ur battle .. the nearest point is the best cause ur lord attack the nearest pont .. here dont count to deastroy all the buildings but only to do as much damange u can to the boss , for that nearest u are better ur damange is!
if the boss is only 1 and in the center u have to choose the faster, easier and more open way to get to the boss.

2) afther choosing the point choose the lords to put for first (tank or melee that do not too much damange but can tank) and u have to take for last the lords with more damange better ranged ( like mage or archer or shooter) cause they reach the boss all the way easier than a melee cause they dont have to go really near to attack.

Dark rider have executioner that have High HP and self buff or damange and reduce DMG for him and all executioner

Abyss Demon have large number of warriror and Healing skill for all the Team that gain much survavibility against a boss

3) with the skill .. u have to use the skill that boost the troops not the other beacuse in this case u dont have much time and u dont have much loose of army and a big army do much damange than a normal Dmg skill! (like BlizBomber skill)

Chiron Boost skill really usefulland also he is long ranged and with much archer        
Here Chron with lvl 6 boost skill and more 20 archer
here Bliz Bomber with more 20 archer

Bliz Bomber Skill not much usefull of him is usefull that is long range attack and have 20 archer

ah! yeah.. just remebered! DONT FORGET TO AID HEROES TO THE MAIN LORDS! just lvl up a bit like lvl 30 for the hp bonus and boots when u can the main skill of the AID to get lvl up also the aid skill! (the best are epic heroes for sure.. but if u dont have u can use the rare.. dont fuse then for make a higher lvl if is not really usefull , if u dont have AID dont fuse rare or epic heroes and use then for AID)

Chiron AID                                                               
Chiron AID
Bliz Bomber AID
Bliz Bomber AID

Abyss Demon AID                                                   
Abyss Demon AID
Dark Rider AID
Dark Rider AID

Just for Know .. my Team is finished with Her Good Healer! =)


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Ты русский?

UN + like THE COL2!!! Now SU + CK game)))