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[Guide] COL2 strategies XXX (how to: battle royale, evolution

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Ign ryguy
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Battle royale: i find it easiest to have heores who are well developed in level. Get your level to a point where your heroes are capable of defeating resource raids at the 3 star level easy. Then get your heroes soldiers to a developed level. Save save save your resources and level up your heroes soldiers for they will help a great deal in defeating bosses. Thirdly. Get your hero skill level up. You must have a hero skill that is reputable being at least 4 or 5. Epic heroes help greatly. When you start the battle royale make sure you place.your heroes near the biggest collaboration of opposing heroes, by taking them out first your battle will only then be left with the town making it easier t win.

If you cant win then use as much hero skill as possible during the time alloted which will cause more damage than just normal attacks.

Blitz bomber or pounder evolution:
The main thing involved is to get the juice that you can buy or win from spending jewels. I reccomend saving 1000- 1500 jewels by either buying them or saving every day and theb spend them all which will give you rewards in the menu. Sometimes after spending that much you will see a little red bottle worth 50. Strive for that. Then all you need is 200 rings. Its not hard to evolve a blitz bomber or pounder. You just need the requirements, being blitz bomber or pounder, the amount of juice needed, amount of rings needed, and so forth. The requirements are the key.

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