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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] Clash of Lords Strategy Guide

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Leveling Up Heroes Quickly

Leveling up your heroes is one of the most important parts of the game - low level heroes will mean you will be attacked and raided more often and will not be able to raid effectively nor be able to help earn trophies for your guild.

The aim here is to level up your heroes as quickly as possible but keeping your exp level as low as you can so that you will be matched against weaker players, thus be able to level faster. This is made possible by gaining a higher rank in the arena, which will give you exp rewards. Also, you will get exp eggs from the daily challenges and from chest rewards from both raids and campaign - you are also able to fuse other heroes you find but make sure they are heroes you do not need!

Defending your Town

The main purpose here is to reduce the chances of being attacked both through raids and through the Lords League. Each time you are raided, you will likely lose gold and then each time attacked in the Lords League you will likely lose Trophies. Both of these things are important and for you to be a strong player you must sort out your defences and level them to a high level as soon as you can.

At low levels you are limited on the number of and variation of defences at your disposal and so, should focus on leveling each of them to as high a level as possible.

At higher levels you will be able to build much strong defences such as the Victory Statue - this is a key defence and is a must get defence as soon as you can afford it. The other advantage of this defence is that other players will know its power and may in fact choose to attack another player instead of you which is just what you want. Remember when leveling up the Victory Statue (even from a low level) is takes at least 2 days to upgrade and so, it is best to pick a good time i.e. during a weekday to upgrade it.

Leveling Up Your Mercenaries and Passive Skills

Mercenaries and Passive skills are especially important when doing Arena battles - even 1 or 2 more mercenaries than your opponent can result in a win for you - much the same with with passive skills.

In order to level up your mercenaries you will need to collect souls. These are obtained through campaign chest rewards or as a reward for being ranked in the Lords League or in a guild at the end of each week. Therefore, it is important to use up (and hopefully win) all of your 10 Lords League challenges everyday so that you have the best chance of getting more and more souls.

Thank you for reading and I hope this guide has helped you!

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