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[Guide] [COL2Strategy] Rapid Gold Raiding

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If you are like me and have got to a point where it is difficult to raid bases without losing one of your heroes and then having to wait 3-5mins for them to heal - then this is the guide for you.

Essentially, each time you successfully raid another players base i.e. Get at least one chest, you will get a chest reward, exp and hopefully gold.

However, you will likely be left with at least one of your heroes needing to re-heal which of course, wastes time.

A strategy I use is to aim for players bases with at least 15k to 20k gold (you can attack lower but usually you will find one after a few clicks of the next button).

Strategy 1: You should also aim for players that do not have Victory Statues - at high levels obviously this is difficult but still possible.

Strategy 2: Alternately, you can "rush attack" the gold storages. This strategy only works if the enemy players gold storage is near the wall and requires you to place all you heroes right next to it so that it is preferably the first building to be destroyed - once done you can quickly end the battle before any of your heroes are killed in battle. The downside of this strategy is you will not get any chests but on the upside the exp earned will be lower or even zero - which is good if you want to stay stunt your level growth in order to lower the levels you face in the raid matches.

I hope this mini-guide helps some players and good luck in your Clash of Lords raids!

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I agree that the hit-and-run method is highly effective. When I'm after gold, I try to find out what time during my day I can spend an hour straight - Then I use this strategy and find myself with a million old in 30-60 minutes. *i am at TH9*

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i go for minimum 100k raids.. and i drop my hero's as close as possible to either gold/mines or victory statues.. the only problem with it is that i have pounder and for some reason he always goes to the farthest towers 1st.. then goes to the closes ones.. and because of that i had 2 sacrafice one of mages for blockhead

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It'll depend on what level you are. We're not all high level with 70+ heroes! 20K bases are just fine by me at level 32