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[Guide] [COL2 Strategy] Heroes – all you need to know how good choose them and invest

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Heroes – All you need to know how good choose them and invest

First basic rule – dont invest souls and rings to green, blue and most of purple heroes. Seriously even one ring it's a waste. At beginning will be little hard but after few months you will not regret this.

Second rule – dont invest souls to heroes that you are not sure if you keep them in future. Even if you put them to heroes aid as support, invested souls in this case willbe useless. The thinks is different with spending rings on ability of heroes. In that case more rings=better ability=better support in hero aids.

The best heroes –  if you get one of them, you must save him and  invest all your rings and souls. All of them are usefull and powerfull.

Pan Goli

Demon Slayer


Dark Rider


Skull Mage

Average Heroes –  If you want invest on them,  it wilbe on your risk. They are not bad, but must remeber there are better heores. Some of them have nice abbility so you can spend rings on them. It will be not complete waste becouse you can put them  as support latter in game. Investing souls its a risk.

Glory Priestess (at beginning of game it's easy to get her, by paying a little money. It's definitely worth that.)


Air Elite

Blitz Bomber

Useless heroes – At beginning of the game of course you don't have a choose and must play with them, but remember don't invest to them any ring and souls. Those heroes you change for 100% in future, so... First basic rule

Savage Chief

All purple, blue and green Heroes

Purple Heroes usefull to hero aid (but not as a main hero)


Shinig wizard


All of them give you extra mercenaries with low cost. For 100 rings each of them give you 2 extra mercenaries to your main heores, wich is nice and worth.

Other general tips

Im write at begining about first basic rule, but at the begining of the game you can invest some souls and rings on purple heores, becouse without this it can be little hard,but dont spend to much. I think mercenaries at level 10 its max on heores you know you dont want to keep in future.

Tanks, flying heroes and shoother


You should have 2 or 3 shoothers

Dont invest in flying heroes. Some of top players have few flying heroes, but Imo flying  not a good type of heroes, and if you think about be a great player.. this is not that way.

Other heroes passive talent. -->first basic rule, invest only to heroes that you are sure to keep.

Pan Goli

If you will be lucky bastard and get this hero more then once dont glory him, but put to other heroes hero aids. His ability at hero aids is great.

Imo dream team: Pan Goli, Skull Mage,Dark Rider, Blockhead, Demon Slayer/Pounder

In this game you must be patient, i get my perfect team after 4 months and i'm not sure if i have luck or bad luck :)  

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Excellent write up.  Thanks for sharing.

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TJ_Donnell(9306 replied at 7-7-2014 05:24 PM
Excellent write up.  Thanks for sharing.

yeah shining wizard rocks dude i prove it

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Yeah sure, try destroy some of top 200 players base with shining wizard ;)

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(146716754) replied at 8-9-2014 04:04 AM
Yeah sure, try destroy some of top 200 players base with shining wizard ;)

That only really applies to those trying to crack the top 200, how many of those people do you think are reading this guide?

A good guide overall with some solid advice but you dismiss all purples heroes when Pyro, Shining wizard, Herc and Exo can all form very solid teams focused on shooter, wizards, Executioners and Ox warriors respectively. You are right that people shouldn't invest heavily in these heroes as they won't feature in any top players team but most people will take a lot longer than 4 months to get their 'Dream Team' unless they spend quite a bit. So it makes sense to build solid b-teams and focus on upgrading the heroes in them that are keepers.

Updates in the game make some advice obsolete, a couple of good heroes over the 5 really help in the campaign clash so don't feel to bad investing some souls and ring in temporary heroes particularly those that have useful aid skills. Also I'm pretty sure Abyss Demon will feature in most 'Dream Teams' now.