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[Guide] [COL2 Strategy] Battle tips

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Version: Android-EN  IGG ID:  162911379

Condition to Win:

Earn at least one Star

How to Obtain Stars:

Destroy majority of the buildings (2 Stars)
Destroy Town Hall (1 Star)

Actually, it’s pretty simple.
All you have to do is:
1. Clear the defenses
2. Avoid the Heroes
Basically, as long as you have more Heroes than the defending party and your Heroes have a higher level, you will definitely win once you clear out their defenses.

You only have one chance to control your army, which is when you place them.
I suggest clearing the Mortars first, since just one blow from it can cause your mercenaries to lose half their health.
If there are high level Heroes guarding next to the Mortar, place your army where the Walls are weakest and there are the most defenses.
Clear the defenses first and the opposing Heroes will quickly be surrounded.

If the opponent left a gap in the walls, do not place your army there. It’s a trap.
Most of your mercenaries would be left outside the walls, leaving your hero alone.
Your hero would then be quickly defeated by the defenses. It’s better to lose your mercenaries than to lose your hero.

For the Lazy-bones
If all you want is to earn a victory, just place your army near the opponent’s Town Hall.
At least that’s the trick I used in Lords League.

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(163467626) replied at 8-24-2014 11:10 PM
how i gat longer life in Battle

get healer and lvl his skills.. the higher it is the more he heals and less rage u need

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or what u can do is spam em in far corner of the weakest point of base and by the time they get to the base they will have some rage for skill/buff i go for town hall and if this are going good im going for 50%.. then i usually close it.. to lazy to wait until 3rd star.. xd